Friday, November 2, 2012

FSO: repetition/BreastScreen Aotearoa

Today I went for my repeated breast screening. I dedicate this post to all the beautiful people who go for the screening. The wonderful people who work there who try to make the painful screening as pleasant as possible who kept saying sorry. Ka Pai to them.

The  Pohutukawa flower is our National icon. It is red and strong with filaments repeatedly coming out of the flower. It is commonly known as the New Zealand Christmas tree.

 BreastScreen Aotearoa is New Zealand’s free national breast screening programme for women aged between 45 and 69. The building is at MacMurray Road. I see the repeated pillars of the balcony, and the railing of the ramp
 The sign is repeated on two sides so you can see from directions.
 The car park has patterns repeated over and over again.
 Here my repetition is flowers, flowers and more flowers, if  these flowers represent the people who were screened. Most of them are fine. But some are not, they have the dreaded Cancer. Just like this defective Hollyhock.

Kudos to the lovely Fijian radiographer who screened me and the friendly receptionist. All these flowers and more, are found in the garden of this building. The friendly receptionist told me a lot of women walk around the garden to appreciate then. After the pain, here's the gain.

I want to repeatedly thank you ladies. I had three operations to my breast. I was lucky I had benign
cysts. I know by coming for the screens, it gives me peace of mind. I know that screening mammograms 

cannot prevent development of breast cancer, but do reduce the chance of dying from breast cancer by 

approximately a third.

This may not be nice to talk about because breast cancer affects both men and women. and it is 

recommended to have screening from 45 years of age. I read this by Dr Ling-Mon Tsy that there is a 

100% increase in the last 3 years in developed Asian countries in Japan, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan.  

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