Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outdoor wed/Save the world: Western Springs

Western Springs In Auckland is my favourite place. If you are my visitor, I will definitely take you there.
Sometimes at lunch, I go there by myself, to get in touch with my roots. When I was a teen ager, I was appointed the duck and chicken farmer.
Recently, some idiots have been helping them to the birds. Some are so callous, they chop only the best part of the bird and discard the rest in the park.

Mon, 08 Oct 2012 7:11a.m.

Bird poachers could impact park users
By Alex O’Hara
Crossbows, snares and mousetraps are just some of the weapons being used in Auckland parks as poachers target birds, and environmentalists say if nothing's done the parks could soon be off limits to everyone.
“These people will float a mouse trap out on the lake with a piece of bread on it and a piece of string on the other end,” says Green Bay Bird Rescue Trust manager Lyn MacDonald.
All birds in public parks are protected under the Wildlife Act.
“Police have been involved in successful prosecutions where people have been charged and convicted and have had to pay several thousand dollars which is very expensive duck,” says Fish & Game northern wildlife manager John Dyer.
But that hasn't stopped people from heading to the park to get a meal although many of the culprits aren't hard-up for food.
“When we trace these people back quite often they've got late model Range Rovers, new Mercedes Benz, they go back to gated communities which are upper end housing,” says Mr Dyer.
Fish & Game says it wants signs to be put up in parks telling people they're not allowed to poach birds, but the Auckland Council says it won't be putting any up as it hasn't received any formal complaints.
Fish & Game says it has raised the issue with the council and hasn’t heard a response, while Bird Rescue warns poaching could eventually harm everyone.
“I imagine that one day in years to come western springs will be fenced off and only open in the day time and this is not what New Zealand's about, but it might become that way if this keeps going,” says Ms MacDonald.

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