Monday, September 24, 2012

Teaching ESOL to grown ups

Our International students from Sri Lanka, Russia and China. The man in yellow is Jon. He is practising to teach ESOL.This photo was taken after we baked a self saucing chocolate cake.

That year, we had Korean, Hong Kong , China and New Calidonia students.George from Tonga.

Mei, Chiang from China.

Eric and Mary are pastors of Renacer Church in Co'rdoba Argentina. 

"Bokko" with a Korean student, Celine.

"Bokko" the clown came all the way from Brazil to entertain us.  The children shouted "Eu te amo." It was sad that "Bokko"aka Marcelo will be returning home, but I am sure the children will remember him for a long time.

What is ESOL? It is English speakers of other languages. I have the privilege of teaching both children and adults. It is interesting and I love it.  Besides teaching them, I gain so much learning and respecting their  their culture.

With the adult students, I feel that they are my friends. These are my students at the ESOL school at the Mt Albert Baptist Church.

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