Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vacation Spot: Durin, Sarawak.

 My maternal Grandpa dammed a creek,
 and created a fish pond.
Lots of fun when it came to harvesting. Ooooh! the fish
were meter long.
In the old days, we swam in Rejang river,
 and rowed a canoe.

Durians, the king of fruits are supposed to be seasonal.
But Uncle Seng Shui managed to make his fruit 
stagger their harvesting.
So he has durians and income all year round.

Papayas, or paw paws. 
They are very good for you. 
During my travels,
 I ate a lot of these for my breakfast.

 Coconut juice are excellent to quench your thirst
on a hot tropical day,
Then you can scoop the soft meat.
Leave them to mature,
you make the white milk to make cakes and
cook curry with,
 Passion fruits.
 dragon fruit.
 pepper as a cash crop.
In another post, I showed his sugar cane.
 Uncle Seng Shui replaced the old wooden  house
with this concrete house,
and he enjoys kara oke.
The water comes from the water board.
Uncle had a mechanical pump,
 the only one in the area.
So we didn't have to carry water from the river.
Grandma had a sundry shop. It sold everything.
My siblings remembered we raided the shop,
and grandma encouraged us.
As a traditional Chinese family, 
we respect our ancestors. 
Some of the the family practise Ancestor worship. 
A wok like container to hold paper money 
to burn to my ancestors.

A bit of country,
A bit of nostalgia,
That's my kind of vacation.
But not too long,
I need my internet.

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 8/24: Vacation Spots

Where do you love to vacation?
Do you go on vacation to rest and relax...

or do you DO vacation and keep busy with activities?
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