Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Iban music

 The typical Iban agung ensemble will include a set of engkerumungs (small agungs arranged together side by side and played like a xylophone)

I wasn't synchronized, but she didn't laugh at me.

For save the world theme, I like to share the friendliness of our hosts, the Ibans or Sea Dayaks. They open their longhouse, play their special music, perform a miring ceremony, and encourage us to dance their dance, the ngajat. Culture is preserved.

I struck up a conversation with my music teacher. She was very pleased I wore a top like hers. She had her thumbs up while pointing to my top. Not many people wear the Kebaya these days.  She asked where I bought my Nyonya kebaya, and how much I paid for it. I thought was a lot, showing my 4 fingers. To my embarrassment, she told me she paid much more than I did for me. She showed me 5 fingers, Each finger represented 100 ringit.

When I was in school, we used to sing, I am a music man.

I am a music man,
What can you play?
I cam play a piano,
Pia Pia Piano ,
Piano, piano.

Try singing I can play a engkerumung.

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