Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for June 8: Interiors

I just read from my Facebook that a school mate Arthur who was much younger than me has become a widower. My first thoughts to him was It's OK to cry. Then I thought of how it was when I was face with bereavement when my baby was dying. I thought of the poem Footprints in the sand my friend Betty Stevens gave to me.

This poem tells of how during our most difficult time, God did not abandon us, but he was carrying us, though it seems he had.

I dedicated these photos of tranquillity to Arthur and his children. May you find solace by crying out to God.

This is an old Church in Singapore. The church I go to Mt Albert Baptist church is modern.  I will post the Auckland Tabernacle which is very old.

This is at 429 Upper Queen Street. the Tab was our home church for more than ten years before we left for Singapore.

We were married in this church,
We were baptised here, and we had our son Andrew's funeral service here.
We made live long friends here.

The organ is a beautiful instrument.

The imposing Baptist Tabernacle at the top of Queen Street was the largest building in the town of Auckland when it was opened in 1886.

My friend Paul Khor took these photos. I have to post the exterior too, to show it's glory.

Friday My Town Shoot Out for June 8: Interiors

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